a much needed break

IMG_0410This past week I got to go home because UVU has spring break!  And oh was it wonderful!  I always get to see my family right when I’m on the edge of a mental breakdown and then they give me to the boost I need to go back and get through the next couple months.  While home I slept, had a mild panic attack, got my teeth cleaned, had a doctor checkup, got my hair cut, went out to lunch with each member of my family, played games with Logan, watched Daymon run, had long talks with my mom, watched BYU lose :( , soaked up a few days of sunshine, took Max on walks, was the chauffeur, ate so much food, watched a bunch of House Hunters, and generally relaxed.  It was so good to have a break and goodness knows I’m not ready to go back to school.  But hopefully the sun keeps shining and the days go quickly.  Here’s to this week and happy St. Patty’s day!


P.S. This photo was not taken while I was home but I needed one of Daymon, Logan and I.  I really need to start taking more pictures.



One thought on “a much needed break

  1. I love your blog. And, I’m not saying that just because I’m your mother. You do a nice job, and write your feelings well. Love you!

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