so sometimes…

388573_2727884562822_9179868_nI forget to update this little blog.  Whoops!

As for what’s been new lately, here’s a little list:

My classes are boring.  So much so that math is my favorite right now.  Whaaa?

My roommates and I?  We be startin to be close.  I forget that it takes time so grow friendships.

I was asked out on three dates by one guy in a space of two minutes.  And guess what?  I turned down every one of them. (I’m just not interested, kay??)

I’ve ran 5 miles the past two Tuesdays.

There is ONE handsome man in my ward.  And he is the one.  I like him.  But I think it’s one-sided.  Like always.

I have Captain Crunch for breakfast every morning.  It helps me get out of bed.

My best friend and I have taken to sending each other many many funny pinterest pins.

Winter is coming!  I love me some sweaters and boots.

My application for BYU is due in less than three weeks. Round Two!



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