a midnight hike


A day before life got crazy and everything changed and we all had to move out, Michelle and I and some of our favorite people…and another ;) decided randomly to hike the Y!  I had been feeling dizzy and tired that night but Alex and Clint (the brothers) begged us to go and what the heck?!  Why not?  Finals were over, I mean, YOLO!

So we went and hiked the Y at midnight!  It was my first time hiking it and it was steep.  Haha I was sorta wheezing but I made it!  Of course I was walking at a steady pace…mostly to get to the top faster but it was fun!  The way up, I walked with Clint and Michelle walked with Alex. Then there were Tay and Dallas.  Dallas was beyond funny, complaining the whole way up.

Making it to the top was exciting and also scary.  It is high up!  We took a bunch of pictures and then Clint had us all lay upside down, and look at Utah from that perspective.  It was beyond scary for me but pretty cool!  Then we headed back down.  This time, I walked with Alex and Clint walked with Michelle. haha, those brothers are so sweet, clean and fun to be around!  We hung out with them pretty much all week and they never ceased being a blast to be around.  They are the type of guys that I feel comfortable around and actually want to spend time with.

Anyways, after hiking, we swung by Macey’s and picked up some ice cream and then headed back to Wyview where we proceeded to eat it.  We had a couple more people join, Ethan, Joseph and Matt and we all just hung around talking.  It was one of my favorite nights by far and a perfect way to end my stay at Wyview.  I sort’ve miss that place.  But mostly, just those friends that made that place livable and enjoyable.  995990_612142965492101_939075564_n1187030_10201402024366225_322724900_n534006_10201402021566155_2088185849_n21420_612131295493268_1430742338_n1017450_10201756566902415_759510980_n1098372_612131982159866_893104611_n1150248_612131935493204_1388301251_n1150790_612131955493202_2114635053_n1175405_612131775493220_213276050_n


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